Feb. 26th, 2010

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Sigh. C was sick most of this week and last night I felt it starting for me at the back of my throat. The recipe for wellness? Superdoses of Vit C, sleep, warmth and fluids. That's what needs to happen. I hope I'm sick all weekend and better for work on Monday. Wish me luck.

I'm trying to understand and rekindle my relationship with my body. After that weekend I spent down town walking around: the rally, the flash mob, the women's march and my subsequent uncomfortable and sharp jump down from a low rise my right knee has been painful. I skipped ballet thinking that that would definately be an aggravator and then went to tap on thursday. Saturday my knee hurt so I limped around in pain for most of the day. Sunday - all gone. Better. I went to ballet on Tuesday and felt great. Went to tap on thursday and there it was *twinge* the knee. Tap is the only dancing that I do *in shoes* maybe the assertions that my massage therapist made about flat feet and arch support has some kinda sense.

So I've decided. I think I have another 10 solid years of pain free dance in me (barring dance related injury) but I really need to see some sort of practictioner who will look at my feet, my knees, my legs, my hips and tell me what I need to proactively do to keep those strong, straight legs in tip top dance condition. I'm thinking my chiropractor is a good place to start but aside from that I don't know who else would be willing to join me on my misison of proactive joint health . A massage therapist? Doctor? Sports medicine Dr? Occupational therapist? Physiotherapist?


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